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Kharoti is a Pashtun tribe. The tribe has an estimated population of about 2.5 million and is based in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the main provinces where Kharoti tribe members reside are Helmand, Zabul, Herat, Kunduz, Laghman, Nangahar, Bagram, Wardag, Logur, Ghazni and Kandahar. They live in and around Kohistan. In the east, they range from Katta to Koh-e-Sulaiman to Barmal. Another area of large Kharoti population is the area of Oragoon where they are accompanied by Furmalis and Tajiks. The Kharoti tribe is of Ghilzai origin. Their tribal rivals are Waziris and Furmalis, both of whom believe the Furmali area belongs to them. Some of the important subsects of the Kharoti tribe are Zako Khel, Ya Khel, Adya Khel, Amand Khel, Shamu Khel, Suleman Zai, Khadar Khel, Zobi Khel and Kharmoozi.




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